Will to Mangle

2002 release and their second album. There would be a nine year gap before the next full length was released.  Someone somewhere argues that this one of the best sludge/stoner doom records ever made. Not sure about that but it is very good.  Sabbath are clearly a distant influence but after that it becomes a hellacious noise with the vocals buried deep in a reverb cave somewhere, becoming an ambient cipher rather than a way of delivering a message, and musically things slowed down to an almost Swans like pace at times.  It’s all fuzz, feedback and excess for the most part.

Featured on Sonic Attack 208



Sonic Attack 208


  1. Acrylics – Despair – Despair
  2. Meatwound – Seance – Largo
  3. The Ditch And The Delta – Hives In Decline – Hives In Decline
  4. Butthole Surfers – Goofy’s Concern – Chewin’ George Lucas’ Chocolate
  5. Acrylics – Reassurance – Despair
  6. Dicks – Rich Daddy – Kill From The Heart
  7. Meatwound – Largo – Largo
  8. Syd.31 – We Are The Freaks – AnalogueTrash Records: Label Sampler Vol. 3
  9. The Ditch And The Delta – Dread Spectacle – Hives In Decline
  10. Patria – Choir of Damnation – Soveriegn Misanthropy
  11. Dicks – Bourgeois Fascist Pig – Kill From The Heart
  12. Sourvein – Dirgewine – Will To Mangle
  13. Meatwound – Reproduction Blues – Largo
  14. Plastic – A Call For Help/At The Gates/Mannequins – Plastic
  15. Dicks – Right Wing/White Ring – Kill From The Heart