Into The Woods

The 30th studio album from the UK’s favourite space rockers finds them in fine form mixing pastoral segments with full on rolling psychedelic rock, and, at times dipping into the murky waters between rock and trance. At times the band stray into territories that could have been inhabited by Gong at their most spliffed out, or conversely Deep Purple in full on speed freak mode. It gets a bit hippy in a tree in places but just as you think they’ve lost the plot they launch into another rhythmic space trip. Glorious stuff and one of their best albums in a long while.

As featured on Sonic Attack 211


Sonic Attack 211


  1. Hawkwind – Into The Woods – Into The Woods
  2. NY in 64 – Couldn’t Be Saved – The Gentle Indifference of the Night
  3. Oranssi Pazuzu – Dub Kuolleen Porton Muistolle – Muukalainen Puhuu
  4. Toska – Anthropocene – Ode to the Author
  5. Lumer – Gruel – Gruel
  6. Purling Hiss – Everybody In The USA – High Bias
  7. Oranssi Pazuzu – Andromeda – Kosmonument
  8. Toska – Infantile – Ode to the Author
  9. NY in 64 – The Endless Spiral –  The Gentle Indifference of the Night