Aural Delights 276

Drink and Drive – Springtime for Drink and Drive – Bad Times In Summer
Positronik – Gimme Some Passion 2018 – Single
Vieon – High Concept – Live in Manchester
Ryuichi Sakamoto – andata(Electric Youth Remix) – Async: Remodels
Christina Vantzou – Some Limited and Waning Memory – No.4
Scrambled Limbs – Round and Round and Round – Portmanteau
Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof – The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn)
Easter – Suicidal Kiss – Suicidal Kiss
Bobby Previte – Casting Off – Rhapsody
Girl Sweat Pleasure – Mantra of the Pleasure Temple – Hyper Rituals
Drink and Drive – Recession Man – Bad Times in Summer
Positronik – Infamy (Everybody’s Got It In For Me) – Single
Vieon – Transmission – Live in Manchester
Easter – No End In Sight – Suicidal Kiss
The Royal Dave Graney Show – Like A Millionaire
Scrambled Limbs – Rainmaker Struggle – Portmanteau
Fucked and Bound – Dead Bop – Suffrage
Black Royal – Cryo Volcalnic – Lightringer
Fucked and Bound – Parasite Lost – Suffrage
Neolithic – Blinded – Cult of Ignorance
Firebreather – Fire Foretold – Firebreather
Kostnatění – Ukrást jediné ticho – Konec je všude
Fucked and Bound – Party Void – Suffrage
King Witch – Beneath The Waves – Under The Mountain
The Fall – Wings – Palace of Swords Reversed


Neolithic release new “Cult of Ignorance” EP

Following of their split release with Martyrdöd, Baltimore, Maryland-based crust/metal band Neolithic release their Cult Of Ignorance EP through Deep Six Records on March 16th.

The band draws much of their influence from d-beat hardcore and death metal, aiming to create their own sound of aggressive down-tuned pitch-black death/crust. The band’s lyrics touch on subjects of corruption, war, and death. The new band was only formed less than a year ago, in the Spring of 2017, by five Baltimore-area scene veterans, with vocalist Evan Harting (Putrisect), bassist Matt Mutolo (Putrisect), drummer Jon John Michaud (ex-Swarm Of The Lotus), and guitarists Mitchell Roemer (ex-Pulling Teeth, ex-Old Lines) and Dustin Thornton (ex-Ruiner). Influences from the early Earache catalogue artists like Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death, and Brutal Truth are in play brought together with a more modern, brutal, crusty groove.

The  7″ EP comprises three new tracks of the band’s brutalizing, bottom-heavy death riffage. Surging atop pillaging hardcore/punk beats, the volatile vocal attack ranging from scathing to guttural through the tracks “Blinded,” “Cult Of Ignorance,” and “Rapacity.” The EP was recorded by Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations and mastered by Brad Boatright at AudioSiege.

Airplay will be forthcoming via Aural Delights on March 15th.