Aural Delights 276

Drink and Drive – Springtime for Drink and Drive – Bad Times In Summer
Positronik – Gimme Some Passion 2018 – Single
Vieon – High Concept – Live in Manchester
Ryuichi Sakamoto – andata(Electric Youth Remix) – Async: Remodels
Christina Vantzou – Some Limited and Waning Memory – No.4
Scrambled Limbs – Round and Round and Round – Portmanteau
Eagle Twin – Heavy Hoof – The Thundering Heard (Songs of Hoof and Horn)
Easter – Suicidal Kiss – Suicidal Kiss
Bobby Previte – Casting Off – Rhapsody
Girl Sweat Pleasure – Mantra of the Pleasure Temple – Hyper Rituals
Drink and Drive – Recession Man – Bad Times in Summer
Positronik – Infamy (Everybody’s Got It In For Me) – Single
Vieon – Transmission – Live in Manchester
Easter – No End In Sight – Suicidal Kiss
The Royal Dave Graney Show – Like A Millionaire
Scrambled Limbs – Rainmaker Struggle – Portmanteau
Fucked and Bound – Dead Bop – Suffrage
Black Royal – Cryo Volcalnic – Lightringer
Fucked and Bound – Parasite Lost – Suffrage
Neolithic – Blinded – Cult of Ignorance
Firebreather – Fire Foretold – Firebreather
Kostnatění – Ukrást jediné ticho – Konec je všude
Fucked and Bound – Party Void – Suffrage
King Witch – Beneath The Waves – Under The Mountain
The Fall – Wings – Palace of Swords Reversed

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