World of Jazz 229


  1. Charlie Rouse – November Afternoon – Soul Mates
  2. Luke Sellick – Q Tippin – Alchemist
  3. Jan Nijdam Kwartet – Whimsical Elf – Bij De Dieren Thuis
  4. Fela Kuti – Coffin For The Head of State – Coffin For The Head of State
  5. Marquis Hill, Jeff Parker, Joachim Florent, Denis Fournier – Lane Open – Escape Lane
  6. Marion Brown – Body and Soul – Back To Paris
  7. Evan Parker, John Edwards, Steve Noble – Track One (Podcast Edit) – PEN

Back to Paris

A live set recorded in 1980 at Le Dreher in Paris. Marion Brown and his band — pianist Hilton Ruiz , bassist Jack Gregg, and drummer Freddie Waits — deliver a set of mostly originals. Unique in the Brown canon due to it’s broad accessibility Latin rhythms, gospel, ballads and post-bop. Notable for the unique version of “Body and Soul,” with Ruiz’s stride piano and Waits playing at march tempo behind him.