Detroit House Guests

ADULT. (Detroit’s Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) released a new collaborative album, Detroit House Guests – their first for Mute – on double vinyl and CD on 17th March 2017.

Detroit House Guests was originally conceived by ADULT. in the early 2000s. The concept became a reality in 2014 after receiving a John S. and James L.Knight Foundation grant. Based on the visual artist residency model, each participating musician came to ADULT.’s studio for a three week period with the parameter that they all live, work and collaborate together.

The album features a whole host of musicians and artists – Douglas J McCarthy from Nitzer Ebb, Michael Gira from Swans, Shannon Funchess from Light Asylum, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe aka Lichens, Austrian thereminist Dorit Chrysler and multidisciplinary artist Lun*na Menoh.

It’s a fascinating and sometimes remarkable tour de force of electronic sound design. Hypnotic beats, idiosyncratic sounds, and unique use of synthesizers and voices are all brought together in ground breaking ways. It’s pop Jim, but not as we know it. The use of voice and music sometimes recalls the work of Robert Ashley or particularly Phillip Glass’s “Einstein on the Beach”. A strong candidate for album of the year 2017.


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