My Life On The Plains

The sad news about the passing of Conway Savage prompted me to start to think about a tribute for the radio show and in doing so extract this wonderful album from the archive.

After the demise of the Moodists, and the first rustlings of the Coral Snakes, Graney and Moore, following their “eviction” from the UK and return to Melbourne, formed a new band called The White Buffaloes which was active in 1989 and 1990, until Conway left for the Bad Seeds. Conway brought Rod Hayward into the mix, which was a another key moment in the Graney canon. Ex-Moodist Chris Walsh (The Fabulous Marquises, The Moodists, The Negatives, The Reals) was drafted back in to complete the line-up.  The photo above is L to R Chris, Conway, Clare and Rod.

Dave subsequently met Robin Casinader (who had been in the excellent Play With Marionettes and The Wreckery with Hugo Race) on a bus and that eventually lead to the re-emergence of the Coral Snakes, which is a different story entirely.

This album finds Dave “inventing alt-country”with a set of marvellous compositions, including the remarkable “Robert Ford On The Stage” (featuring Marty Lubran’s evocative pedal steel guitar), and a selection of classic country-rock tunes from Gram Parsons, Gene Clark and Fred Neil and Tex Ritter’s traditional cowboy song “The Streets of Laredo”.

The version of Gene Clarke’s “In A Misty Morning” is another high point and would reach transcendent status on the live album “The Lure of the Tropics” (an album which inspired my obsession with Graney and Moores work).

The CD version also contains the proto- Coral Snakes UK recordings from 1988 released on the “At His Stone Beach EP” to the extent that the meta data on the CD lists the whole thing as the Coral Snakes and not the White Buffaloes. The first iteration of the  Coral Snakes included Louis Vause, Gordy Blair and Malcolm Ross.

  • Band : Dave Graney and The White Buffaloes
  • Country :  Australia (Melbourne)
  • Release : 1989
  • Label : Fire
  • Airplay : Aural Delights 302 – 13th September 2018


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