Don’t leave it so long next time lads

It’s that time  again when Mr Fidler of the excellent Curry Quiche advises me they have a new waxing available for the wider world . This one is called Behind The Machine and features eleven marvellous tracks, it follows on from the excellent Rock and Roll Rotherham EP from two years back. An LP sized offering has been anticipated from this excellent band for some time.

Kicking off with a real stomper in “Lost” and moving quickly into previous single “Barry Was A Raver” the band grab you by the ears and shake up and down two or three times to get your attention. They say it’s a “mostly live” album that has taken them four years to pull together, well worth the wait say I. A marvellous collection of ear worm tunes.

The pop bits of the glorious “Orramarite” are festooned with some stunning rock motifs. I’ve compared the band with 10cc in the past and that opinion still holds firm with the band offering well written songs couched in superior rock leaning arrangements which occasionally veer off into strange and interesting areas. Another comparison might be XTC at their best, or perhaps our very own West Coast Sick Line, or indeed Brummie band City Boy, some of you might be old enough to remember the latter. The ska madness of “Under The Conservative Crush” is worth the price of admission alone. This continues with the quirky high tempo “No Career In North Career” which rattles along with a honky tonk piano vibe apart from the occasional breakdown/change of pace which gives the song a certain something special….prog-ska anyone?

“A Crypr for the Script” drips with pop loveliness, “Son of God” is immense, “Positive Vibes” has a sunny west coast vibe with Wilsonesque chords and airy joyous delivery via a Jamaican beat,  superb stuff – there’s not a duff track across the whole set.  The speedy “Oxygen Thief” ought to be being rattled out on Joolz instead of the safe boring rubbish he usually has on. The rapid pace continues with penultimate track “I Should Meditate” which again mixes pop, rock and ska in an impressive fashion. Things conclude, and slow slightly, for the epic “Nostalgic Sunset”, which does as it always should by leaving you wanting more.

There are a handful of bands out there maintaining that strong tradition of high quality english pop/rock and this lot are one of the finest proponents.

Highly recommended and well worth your attention.

It’s out on January 27th from all the usual online outlets. Grab yourself a copy you know it makes sense.

Don’t leave it so long until the next one eh lads!

Book of Face –

Twitterage – @curryquicheband

Website – seems to have imploded

Previous reviews etc can accessed here

A good selection of the album will be featured on Aural Delights 217.


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