If Space Is A Vacuum How Can You Hear Echoes?

SPC ECO (pronounced Space Echo) is the duo of alternative electronic  producer Dean Garcia, originally of  alternative rock band Curve, and his daughter Rose Berlin.

Rose is a Sound and Light artist. She experiments with the potential for sound and light to be used as atmospheric mediums, intent on bridging the gap between art and music.

Apart from a decade with SPC ECO and nearly 15 years with Curve, Garcia has also toured the world several times and recorded multiple albums with such established artists as Eurythmics, Mick Jagger, Jeff Beck, Bryan Ferry, Sinead O’Connor and Ian Dury.

On new EP ‘Under My Skin’,  the duo mix slick, sometimes dubby,  epic orchestrations with breathy vocals to create modern pop vignettes of some quality. The duo are very prolific, over the past year they have released two albums ‘Dark Matter’ and ‘Anomalies’ on Saint Marie Records, in addition to two albums released through Dean’s side projects S T F U (with Preston Maddox of Bloody Knives) and M A D (with Monty from The Jesus & Mary Chain). SPC ECO releases on Bandcamp number 29 to date so there is an extensive back catalogue to explore.

The bulk of ‘Under My Skin’ was originally released on ‘Dark Matter’.  The duo is currently recording a new album, which is due out this summer.

If I were to attempt to sum them up the best description is the Cocteau Twins meet Sigur Ros in Portisheads garden shed.

The EP will be featured on Aural Delights Podcast 219.




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