Optimism for the Pessimists

California technical death metal band and recent Unique Leader signees So This Is Suffering release their album Palace Of The Pessimist on February 24th.   The ten-track offering was recorded at Interlace Audio and features artwork by Chris Panatier (Dopelord, Totem Skim).

“We’re excited to be working with one of the top leading labels in extreme music,” offers the band in a collective statement. “It’s been a long journey and we want to thank our fans, friends, and family for their endless support along the way. This album is everything we all wanted, bone crushing and in-your-face with obese breakdowns, finger-licking riffs, and a bit of melodies for some soft listening. We can’t wait for you all to hear it. It’s an exciting time for us…….”



A post-deathcore outfit founded by Zedadiah Martinez and Zechariah Gamez in 2006 the band later solidified its lineup with longtime friends Rudy Florez, Robert Brown, and James Williams. The band self-released three albums and have relentlessly performed across the United States multiple times earning a name as one of the heaviest and hardest-working currently active DIY bands.

The album clocks at 32 minutes and 30 seconds and is notable for Flores dual vocal attack which varies between guttural utterances and a higher pitched rawer edged tone, if I hadn’t known the bands line-up I would have guessed their were two separate vocalists in play. Gamez delivers a barrage of hyperactive percussion under Brown and Williams intense riffing and squealing runs. The tunes are short and memorable and don’t overstay their welcome adding to the overall listening experience. There is sufficient variety here to set this band aside from the vast array of bands in the sub-genre

Rudy Flores – vocals
Robert Brown – guitars
James Williams – bass
Zechariah Gamez – drums



Tracks from the album will featured on Sonic Attack 198



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