Aural Delights 337

  1. Loop-aznavour – The President of The Noise Abatement Society
  2. Vee VV – Ready Made Aid To Private Noise
  3. The Seven Twenty – Gods (Acoustic Version)
  4. Peter Hammill – The Comet
  5. Monkeys In Love – Yeah Yeah Uh-Huh
  6. Dave Graney and the MistLY – You’re All Wrong (Zippa Deedoo Version)
  7. Dead Sea Apes – The Dispossessed
  8. Dreamtime – Mourning Star
  9. Kammahav – Everlasting
  10. Earth – Datura’s Crimson Veils
  11. Sunn O))) – Between Sliepnir’s Breaths
  12. Vee VV – Love Canal
  13. Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes – A Million Dollars In A Red Velvet Suit
  14. The Apartments – On Every Corner
  15. St Lucifer – Why Do You Even Bother?
  16. Vee VV – Keep Beat
  17. Neural Dance – Endpoint
  18. Loop-aznavour – It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than This
  19. Lucky and Love – Soul Alive
  20. Dead Sea Apes – Diaspora


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