The Claim

The Claim are David Read (vocals/guitar/keyboards), David Arnold (guitar), Stuart Ellis (bass), and Martin Bishop (drums). Hailing from Cliffe in Kent, The Claim were one of the major players in the thriving ‘Medway Scene’, producing mod-influenced pop that seriously influenced on the sound of Blur’s earliest works.

ll four of them have day jobs. In a parallel world in which new industrial balladry and the English version of Americana rules, this would be a virtue – rather than something that makes them look like part-timers. David Read is a fireman. David Arnold works for a trade union. Stuart Ellis is a policeman. Martin Bishop works for a kitchen and bathroom supplier. All of the band members spent their formative years in Kent, and the two Davids and Martin in a tiny village called Cliffe that was built up around a cement works. Stuart hails from the nearby market town of Maidstone. They learned their craft on the Medway scene, alongside local heroes The Milkshakes, The Prisoners, Wipeoutand The Dentists.

In the group’s earlier period (1985-92) they secured Single of the Week in Melody Maker (Loser’s Corner), got 8/10 in NME for their album (Boomy Tella) and received regular airplay on John Peel and Andy Kershaw. The Manic Street Preachers, who used to write The Claim long love letters, performed their first ever London show supporting The Claim in 1989.

The new album was recorded at Jim Riley’s Ranscombe Studios in Rochester, which is the spiritual home of today’s Medway sound with the studio being used by all local luminaries young and old, including Theatre Royal, Billy Childish, Graham Day, Treasures of Mexico and Glenn Prangnell’s Groovy Uncle.

Shameless Promotions

  1. Boomy Tella (1992/2019)
  2. The New Industrial Ballads (2019)