Izi Phoenix

Singer songwriter from Cambridge who has recently emigrated to Australia. More recently he has been working with Xena Phoenix. Best described as Indie Dream Folk.


  1. Rituals (2016) {MP3 Bandcamp]
  2. Flowers of Illusion (2016) [MP3 Bandcamp]
  3. Will You Be Here Soon/Hummingbird (2018) [MP3 Bandcamp]
  4. Saving Grace (2018) [MP3 Bandcamp]
  5. We Leave Them Below (2019) [MP3 Bandcamp]
  6. See Us Go Alone (2019) [MP3 Bandcamp]
  7. We Are Dreaming (2019) [MP3 Direct from Artist]
  8. Xena’s Song (2019) [MP3 Direct from Artist]