Hands of God

San Jose, California-based hardcore outfit formed in 2016, HANDS OF GOD draws members of a wide array of acts from across the region together, including former players in Bad Times Crew, current members of Vamachara, Gulch, Drain, Lead Dreams, and more. Rising from their collective surroundings and experiences, the members coalesce their talents in this outfit, delivering a pure hardcore band with a metallic outer shell.

HANDS OF GOD delivers a call to action that if you turn a blind eye to the negativity in the world you are only lying to yourself, motivating listeners to live to stand up for their convictions and crush anything in that path. Influenced by the likes of Stigmata, All Out War, Dying Fetus, Merauder, Sepultura, and other brutal metal/hardcore outfits, the band has self-released a demo and several singles preceding the arrival of their official debut, Blueprint For Self Destruction.

  1. Blueprint for Self Destruction (2019)