Black Somnia

Following up their critically lauded debut full-length Moros, Seattle-based avant doom metal band  Eye Of Nix recently completed their second album, Black Somnia.

Recorded by Billy Anderson (Neurosis, Om, Pallbearer) at The Hallowed Halls in Portland, Oregon and mastered by the omnipresent Brad Boatwright (Gatecreeper, Necrot), Black Somnia  releases December 15th 2017, via newly-launched Scry Recordings.

Black Somnia centers itself on themes of fear, control, and anxiety while shape-shifting through a lens of blackened psychedelia and doom. Vocalist Joy Von Spain comments, “Black Somnia includes five new pieces and a re-imagining of ‘A Curse.’ Our goal for the recording was to frame the songs’ turbulence and tension with layers of atmosphere. We also worked intensively with occult artist/photographer Anima Nocturna (Carlos Melgoza) and an international group of Butoh performers to create the album’s ritual-based visual element.”


The band was formed in 2012. Current members vocalist Joy Von Spain, guitarist Nicholas Martinez, new bassist Zach Wise (Hissing), and noise/sound collage artist Masaaki Masao strive to conjure music that’s threatening, beautiful, and harsh. They toured the west coast of America with noise veterans Blue Sabbath Black Cheer in 2013, then chose an expanded route including the rockies and southwest in 2015. Since their inception,they have shared the stages with diverse notable acts such as Voivod, Jarboe, SubRosa, Sea of Bones, King Dude, Lesbian, Worm Ouroboros, Eight Bells, Tengger Cavalry, and more.

Moros, their first LP, was released in 2015 via Eugene-based imprint Belief Mower (Muscle And Marrow, Hungers). The record was reissued digitally with two bonus studio tracks: “Blood In The Fire,” and “Rome Burned.”

A stunning 41 minutes of epic metal/rock this is a remarkably  good album with a great deal of variety dominated by stunning vocals from Von Spain. It will be featured on Sonic Attack 241.

photographs by Briana Jones


The Year Zero Blueprint

Until The Sky Dies’ debut, The Year Zero Blueprint, consists of eight solid tracks of bold audio exploration. The Year Zero Blueprint was recorded and engineered by Ryan at RPM Studios in Tampa FL. The mastering process was handled by J. Stillings (Steel Hook Prostheses, Metaconqueror, Pharoid, Vermin) at Steel Hook Audio Mastering.

Clint Listing:Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Effects
Ryan Michalski: Lead Guitar, Drums, Synth

An impressive album with some nuanced elements which set it apart from the usual releases in the this genre

Features on Sonic Attack 236

A Vile Decree

Debut EP by Long Island hardcore band Hangman,  through Flatspot Records.

Five high-impact hardcore tunes, surging with upbeat energy interjected with slamming grooves and vicious breakdowns. The EP was recorded and mixed in spring 2017 at Silver Bullet Studio in Connecticut with Greg Thomas (Misery Signals, Shai Hulud, Recycled Earth) and mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering, and features guest vocals from Neglect’s Brian Zoid on the track “Abandoned.”

Impressive debut, extremely well recorded.

Features on Sonic Attack 236


Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom

Cardinal Fuzz and Eye Vybe Records are releasing the new LP by Chicago’s premier freak rock band – Plastic Crimewave Syndicate, it is called “Thunderbolt of Flaming Wisdom”.

The album was recorded at Minbal Studios in Chicago with producer Mark Yoshizumi on the same type of analog tape machine used at Muscle Shoals.

Special guests appear like synth-lord Bil Vermette, who’s been at it since the 70s (he recorded with the group VCSR, reissued by Permanent Records, and solo on the excellent private “Katha Visions” LP), heavy sax god Bruce Lamont (of Brain Tentacles, Indian, and many more avant-heavy groups as released on Relapse records), and Whitney “Matchess” Johnson on viola (who records for Trouble in Mind records and was in the psychsters Verma).

Influenced by the heavy/hairy freefest acid rock sounds like Edgar Broughton, Pink Fairies, Les Rallizes Denudes, High Rise, and Stooges , blended with some avant prog/krautrock (think Van Der Graaf Generator/Sand/Faust) whose influence seep through the lengthy pained epic “No Place,” and the serious Guru Guru/  Can worship on the spacey groove attack of “Future to the Ancients.” Even some post-punky moves penetrate the LP, where Swell Maps, Bauhaus, and Second Layer meet the communal Swedish psych of Harvester/Trad Gras on the ode to youthful drug experimenting, “Wasted All The Time.” Bassist Cosmic Jru admits a serious love of “free jazz” e.g. Alice Coltrane, Alan Silva and Albert Ayler, and his band mates are on board for that spiritual experimentation too. Drummer Jose “The Beast” Bernal loves a good hard boogie, like “the Vast Beyond”, Stonewall, Quo, UFO and Hawkwind are all there in the back ground.

You’ll be able to hear the album on Sonic Attack 238



Hailing from Brisbane Australia, Zong are a three-piece instrumental group focused on improvised cosmic jams with emphasised themes of psychedelic states, tribal rituals, gothic horror, alien encounters and medieval fantasy.

Tying this all together is the groups explosive, intense and emotional delivery sounding out in the rich, golden, down-tuned and cranked amplifier glory akin to Black Sabbath and the Jimi Hendrix Experience, and the more modern groups Sleep and Earthless. Their true uniqueness, however, lies in their ability to blend genres and sonically improvise together making them a most satisfying heavy tripped-out listen, and a spectacle to behold as a live performance.

Since the live recording of their first ever show one year ago Zong have honed their craft playing with a myriad of bands, recently with Kadavar, Monolord, Ufomammut, Elder and Pallbearer, and now bring you their explosive debut Self -Titled LP, complete with the mind-bending album artwork by their very own drummer, Henry Bennett.

Recorded in the homely 70’s styled studios of Unicorn Planet in Brisbane, Zong’s debut LP turned out to be a monstrous swirling tidal wave of heavy riffs, pounding drums, weaving bass and guitar duels, intricate inter-dimensional psychedelia and dark mysticism which propels the listener deep into the chasms of their own imagination while also satisfying the cravings of Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix fans.

From the “space-giant wreaking havoc in the cosmos” sounds of the opening track Cosmic Embryo, to the eerie desert dancing mysticism and doom of Arcane Sand, through to the pulverising and stark gothic bad-assedness of Giant Floating Head, and into the final majestic Return of the Alien King fuelled with fuzzed out riffs and other-worldly mandalas of delayed guitar and blazing Aztec jungle beats, the album is a journey into the cosmos, through history and your own imagination. A well-curated and interesting blend of old and modern genres and visualised themes.

To be featured on Sonic Attack 237