No Hell

Potsdam, New York-based experimental hardcore architects Sunflo’er (pronounced sun+flow+ur) released their second full-length last month via Ottawa, Canada-based Noise Salvation Records, the label helmed in part by Fuck The Facts’ Topon Das. Titled No Hell, the ten-track album was composed between July 2016 and June 2017, recorded, mixed, and mastered at Topon Das’ Apartment 2 Studio, and engineered by Scott Burniston

The band utilizes a multi-layered vocal delivery, over dynamic and hectic hardcore that takes its cues from the likes of Converge, La Dispute, Cursed, Circle Takes The Square, and Dangers. The CD release comes packaged in an art and lyric ‘zine, featuring collages and photos by the band, as well as written and artistic contributions from other members of the New York punk scene.

Guitarist/vocalist Carter Jones says, “The rowdy rock ‘n’ roll vibe in ‘No Hell’ was a welcome discovery during the writing process of the album. We’d been listening to a lot of CCR and going into writing sessions with the goal to capture a similar energy, but also retain our identity as a mathcore act. There were demos of several tracks in the same vein but most were abandoned for just slightly missing the mark in some way or another. ‘No Hell’ came together quickly as a band and we all consider it one of our best compositions, despite being our shortest ever.”

Formed in 2010, the band released two EPs on their own label before signing with Magnetic Eye Records in 2015, which saw the release of their first LP, 1963. They were  also featured on Magnetic Eye’s Helmet tribute, Meantime [Redux] and the forthcoming Pink Floyd tribute, The Wall [Redux].


  • Ethan Shantie – drums, vocals
  • Carter Jones – guitar, vocals
  • Jimmy Doran – bass, vocals

The band featured on Aural Delights 307 (18/10/2018)

A fascinating marriage of styles – Sonic Youth with the brakes off


New Gods

Old school heavy metal – more Uriah Heep/Bachman Turner/Rainbow than Black Sabbath,  the band’s fifth full-length and follow up to the critically-lauded 2016 album In Ruin. A bit too AOR for my palette but well played and delivered.

  • Band : Cauldron
  • Country :  Canada
  • Release : 7th September 2018
  • Label : Dissonance Productions
  • Airplay : Sonic Attack Aftermath – October



My Life On The Plains

The sad news about the passing of Conway Savage prompted me to start to think about a tribute for the radio show and in doing so extract this wonderful album from the archive.

After the demise of the Moodists, and the first rustlings of the Coral Snakes, Graney and Moore, following their “eviction” from the UK and return to Melbourne, formed a new band called The White Buffaloes which was active in 1989 and 1990, until Conway left for the Bad Seeds. Conway brought Rod Hayward into the mix, which was a another key moment in the Graney canon. Ex-Moodist Chris Walsh (The Fabulous Marquises, The Moodists, The Negatives, The Reals) was drafted back in to complete the line-up.  The photo above is L to R Chris, Conway, Clare and Rod.

Dave subsequently met Robin Casinader (who had been in the excellent Play With Marionettes and The Wreckery with Hugo Race) on a bus and that eventually lead to the re-emergence of the Coral Snakes, which is a different story entirely.

This album finds Dave “inventing alt-country”with a set of marvellous compositions, including the remarkable “Robert Ford On The Stage” (featuring Marty Lubran’s evocative pedal steel guitar), and a selection of classic country-rock tunes from Gram Parsons, Gene Clark and Fred Neil and Tex Ritter’s traditional cowboy song “The Streets of Laredo”.

The version of Gene Clarke’s “In A Misty Morning” is another high point and would reach transcendent status on the live album “The Lure of the Tropics” (an album which inspired my obsession with Graney and Moores work).

The CD version also contains the proto- Coral Snakes UK recordings from 1988 released on the “At His Stone Beach EP” to the extent that the meta data on the CD lists the whole thing as the Coral Snakes and not the White Buffaloes. The first iteration of the  Coral Snakes included Louis Vause, Gordy Blair and Malcolm Ross.

  • Band : Dave Graney and The White Buffaloes
  • Country :  Australia (Melbourne)
  • Release : 1989
  • Label : Fire
  • Airplay : Aural Delights 302 – 13th September 2018


To The Night Unknown

Lets be honest here, some metal of a doom/death leaning is difficult to listen to, mostly in those cases where technique and willingness to shock takes precedence over composition and emotional content. Morne have avoided those all to common pitfalls in their latest release which has a huge atmospheric edge over some other bands that would class themselves in the doom/sludge/crust mould. Parallels to early Neurosis can be made but overall this is a band taking the best of a disparate set of sub-genres and creating a fresh sound which is both recognisable and  also pushes the envelope.

Photography and design by Hillarie Jason.

  • Band : Morne
  • Country : United States (Boston)
  • Release : 7th September, 2018
  • Label : Armageddon
  • Airplay : Aural Delights 304 – 27th September


The Persistence

Epic AOR proggy rock with a smattering of metal, with a big melodic voice from Diego Marchesi, and a definite stadium rock vibe which develops as the album progresses into more of a European sound.  Much of this genre tends to develop, in intent if not similarity, out of Rainbow/Whitesnake I guess, but then gets that sometimes grandiose post millenium vibe that I associate with Muse, Amplifier and bands of that ilk. The most interesting parts of the album are when they slow the pace down and tone down the bombast. The title track is particularly memorable.

Photography and design credited to Devilnax

  • Band : Kingcrow
  • Country : Italy
  • Release : 7th September, 2018
  • Label : Sensory Records
  • Airplay : Aural Delights 304 – 27th September


Who Do You Love

Impressive combination of art and noise rock with tons of energy and some exciting elements including a raw garage feel in places, and more considered ballad like explorations in others. The important thing here is that in feels like an album rather a collection of songs. There’s a structure, narrative and a sequence to the whole piece which keeps the attention throughout. The martial revisiting/reconstruction of Nina Simone’s “Sinnerman” in a Tupelo era Nick Cave style is breathtaking.

  • Band : Arabrot
  • Country : Sweden
  • Release : 7th September, 2018
  • Label : Pelagic
  • Airplay : Aural Delights 304 – 27th September