Bleach Everything

BLEACH EVERYTHING is comprised of lifetime scene veterans from across the punk and hardcore underground, with its members hailing from the likes of Corn On Macabre, Jesuit, Highness, City Of Caterpillar, Darkest Hour, Mammoth Grinder, Suppression, Iron Reagan, Harmonic Cross, Forensics, Souvenir’s Young America, Meditative Sect, and many more over the past two decades or more.

Formed in Richmond, Virginia in the spring of 2012, members of the band are currently living in different parts of the country, often reuniting for numerous recording sessions and live performances around the United States. Following several singles, an EP, and splits with The Infamous Gehenna and VORS over the past several years, So We Gnaw is the debut full-length from BLEACH EVERYTHING.

The instruments for So We Gnaw were recorded by Ricky Olson at The Ward, the vocals recorded by Brent Eyestone at Tracking. The album mixed by Ricky Olson at The Ward, mastered by Bryan Walthall at StereoImage, and completed with artwork by Steak MTN.

So We Gnaw will see release through Eyestone’s own Dark Operative label on digital and LP on July 12th with distribution through Revelation.
Brent Eyestone – vocals
Graham Scala – guitars
Kelly Posadas – bass
Ryan Parrish – drums