Future Usses

Los Angeles-based instrumental sludge rock.

On The Existential Haunting, the band delivers an astounding instrumental record of devastatingly heavy, oppressively slow, yet shimmery and lush sludge-paced rock, run through a filter of nightmarish psychedelia. It’s difficult to believe that The Existential Haunting is really a debut. The trio’s sound comes across too shrewd, too canny, and too sophisticated. And though they have only played a handful of shows in their short career, principal songwriter Sacha Dunable has been a member of Intronaut for almost fifteen years and has dabbled in various doom metal projects (see Bereft).

They take small elements of what those bands do and magnify them, combining the slow-motion crushing power of doom with the atmosphere and dense harmonic tendencies of Intronaut. The band’s lavish guitar sound is built around live guitar loops which, as Dunable explains, “presents a whole set of limitations but also virtually endless opportunities. The beautiful thing about making an instrumental record is that you’re not obligated to impose any specific literal message onto the listener, but rather to concentrate on setting a vibe that can be interpreted or personified naturally through the power of their own imagination.”

The Existential Haunting will see official release this fall. Drums and guitars were recorded at Clearlake Audio with Josh Newell (Intronaut, Cynic) and Derek Donley (Intronaut, Bereft), and bass with Jon Nunez (Torche). Mixing was handled by Converge’s Kurt Ballou at God City Studio. More info to be revealed in the weeks to come. Fans of Explosions In The Sky, Russian Circles, Sigur Ros, Pallbearer, Pelican, Sleep, Yob, Earth and the like stay alert.



  1. The Existential Haunting (2018) A305