Cyanide Thornton

Featuring members of Two Steps on the Water, Naarm (Melbourne) band Cyanide Thornton began in early 2016 and have been steadily gaining traction in Melbourne’s alternative rock circuit ever since.

While incorporating elements of folk and rock, their debut Cyanide Thornton transcends its composite parts, moving into a space of raw emotion and fierce determination. Ellah Blake (drums) and David Pesavento (bass) provide understated yet resolute punctuation for each song, holding together the music with a remarkable tenderness and affection, and providing a cradle for Sienna Thornton’s harrowing lyrical work and masterful guitar.

Cyanide Thornton is a record wreathed in tenderness, honesty and intimacy, and will guide you from the dark corners of your mind to somewhere unearthly and supernatural.

  1. Cyanide Thornton (9th November, 2018) {Bedroom Suck}