Cleopatra Wong

Within two years of the Go-Betweens both Lindy Morrison and Amanda Brown had become mothers, stayed in contact and then followed up their goal of forming a band in which they wrote the songs.

The resulting band was Cleopatra Wong. The band had a high-tech approach which Robert Forster said was way Lindy had wished the planned Go-Between’s next album would go. Amanda was the main songwriter and apart from free jams of her earlier band Climbing Frame and a partial credit on Don’t call me gone, this was her first foray into the world of songwriting.

Cleopatra Wong played around Sydney and even toured South East Asia, released 2 Eps, Egg in 1992 and Cleopatra’s Lament in 1993. Cleopatra Wong came to a surprise end in 1993 when Lindy left on the eve of a repackaging deal of the 2 Ep’s for US release, a deal which then didn’t go through.


  1. Egg (1992)