About My Podcasts

I was a DJ at Salford City Radio between 2009 and 2012 and left to pursue radio work which was not constrained by radio programming and Ofcom rules. I started my own Podcasts and was subsequently invited to submit two of my shows to Sin Radio in 2015.

I currently produce  two shows which are on Mixcloud

  • Aural Delights – A mixed bag of new releases and archive material – every Friday (2 hour show)
  • World of Jazz- Jazz music of all shapes and sizes – every Monday (2 hour show)

In 2017 I joined Manchester based online station Analogue Trash where the WORLD OF JAZZ show is broadcast between 10pm and midnight every Sunday and AURAL DELIGHTS every Thursday also between 10pm and midnight.

I also write regular blogs on music – this new site will incorporate some blog entries and band biographies.

You can read my other  music blog here

The blog for the podcasts for 2014-15 is here

The blog for the podcasts for 2016  is here

The site will cover podcasts and radio shows for 2017 onwards.

Facebook Group for the shows  .