Aural Delights 299

  1. KIT B – Artificial Light – Four Obscure B Sides
  2. Klammer – A Long Cold Summer – You Have Been Processed
  3. Hanterhir – Worlds Apart –  The Saving Of Cadan
  4. Room 1985 – The Bliss (featuring Emily Oldfield) – The Bliss
  5. Danny Short – Please – Messages To Myself
  6. xumb – Calisun – xumbwhere
  7. Shanghai Beach – Plathskull – Contamination
  8. The Breeders – Nervous Mary – All Nerve
  9. Rhy Dongju – Transfusion – Transference
  10. Lizard Brain – All My Dreams – Hold The Mind
  11. TC&I – Scatter Me – Great Aspirations
  12. Danny Short – You Will Never Know – Messages To Myself
  13. KIT B – Swisser Swatter – Four Obscure B Sides
  14. Dentist – Upset Words – Nightswimming
  15. Hanterhir – Morwenna and the Lamb –  The Saving Of Cadan
  16. Papa M – The Upright Path – A Broke Moon Rises
  17. Dave Graney ‘n’ The Coral Snakes – Someone Trying To Hold You Now – I Was The Hunter & I Was The Prey
  18. xumb – Float – xumbwhere
  19. Klammer – Production – You Have Been Processed
  20. Lizard Brain – Big Society – Hold The Mind
  21. Rhy Dongju – Transformation- Transference
  22. Papa M – Spiegel Im Spiegel – A Broke Moon Rises
  23. Danny Short – January Blues  – Messages To Myself
  24. Lizard Brain – Bright Now – Hold The Mind
  25. KIT B – VantaBlack – Four Obscure B Sides
  26. xumb – You Are Not Alone – xumbwhere
  27. Hanterhir – Dygoweth –  The Saving Of Cadan


xumb is the Melbourne based collaborative arts project of Si (Wagons) CeceTV (the Daze, THOI) and NIR (Nurse In Reverse) Their output includes the album “Xumbwhere” described as a journey through lush melodies, cosmic guitars and dreamy, tripped out beats. The diverse tastes of it’s three members combine to deliver a unique, fragile and futuristic sound

Shanghai Beach  

Formed in 2014, Shanghai Beach is the solo project of Brooklyn, New York, based Steven Salazar. It is a confection of dark, brooding synthpop and electronica inspired by dystopian art, Ridley Scott films, and old science fiction novels.

The Breeders  

The fifth full-length studio album  released on March 2, 2018, 10 years after their previous album Mountain Battles (2008). 


Dentist centers around the songwriting partnership of Emily Bornemann (vocals and bass guitar) and Justin Bornemann (guitar), who had been writing songs and performing together in various ways since first meeting in 2008. The band is rounded out by Matt Hockenjos on drums. 

Rightfully earning their place as one of New Jersey’s buzziest bands, Dentist was named one of the top 10 bands at this year’s SXSW by Mercury News and a darling of critics at NPR, Stereogum, Flood Magazine and more. 

The new ‘Night Swimming’ album juxtaposes catchy indie surf pop with lyrical themes about social anxiety and heartache. ‘ Night Swimming’ showcases an aggressive approach to their beach inspired pop with lyrics covering the spectrum of human emotions. Produced by Andy Bova and Justin Bornemann, this album was mastered by Jürgen Engler (Die Krupps, Nico, Iggy and The Stooges, Queensryche). 
Papa M  

Following his phoenix-like rise from the ashes in late 2016, Papa M strikes back with just four acoustic guitars and a bit of drums. Naturally, it’s completely spellbinding and hypnotizing and engrossing and also kind of pretty, but yeah, a little frightening too. Silhouetted against a broke moon, Papa M rides again! Bandcamp


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