Aural Delights 274


The Mind Sweepers – Threesome (Radio Edit) – States of Mind
The Moodists – Pure Gold Flesh – Two Fisted Art
The Apartments – No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal – No Song, No Spell, No Madrigal (Australian Release)
The Scientists – It’s for real – Pissed On Another Planet
The Moodists – Boss Shitkicker – Two Fisted Art
The Braves – How The Money Rolls In – Single
Jess Ribeiro & The Bone Collectors – My Little River – My Little River
The Blackeyed Susans – Yellow, Brown & Green – Lover or the Loved
The Moodists – Swingy George – Two Fisted Art
Jess Ribeiro – Slip The Leash – Kill It Yourself
The Mind Sweepers – A Thousand Ships They Sailed – States of Mind
The Green Pajamas – Katie Lied – Summer of Lust
CUP – Little Hiccup – Hiccup
Crimewolf – Dogs – Crimewolf
Bryde – Desire – Like an Island
Malena Zavala – If it Goes – Aliso
The Mind Sweepers – Colourblind Blues – States of Mind
CUP – Apparition – Hiccup
Psychedelic Witchcraft – Lords of the War – Sound of the Wind
Insect Ark – Arp 9 – Marrow Hymns
Gridfailure – Exorcised From The Possession Of Hope – Irritum
Necropanther – Kiss of Darkness – Eyes of Blue Light
Crimewolf – Golden – Crimewolf
Scorched – Caverns of Catharsis – Excavated For Evisceration
Scumpulse – Wage Decay – Rotten
Treedeon – Cheetoh – Under The Manchineel
Pissed Regardless – Empty – Feed The Birds
Crimewolf – Smoke – Crimewolf
Psychedelic Witchcraft – Sin of Mine/Wild We Go – Sound Of the Wind

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