World of Jazz 269

Fire! -When Her Lips Collapsed – The Hands
Velkro – Too Lazy To Panic – Too Lazy To Panic
Satoko Fujii – This Is The Thing That I Have Forgotten – Kitsune Bi
Hugh Masekela & Union of South Africa – Going Back To New Orleans
Kris Davis, Craig Taborn – Interruptions One – Octopus
Jason Stein Quartet – Marshmallow – Lucille!
Lotte Anker, Rodrigo Pinheiro, Hernani Faustino – Rise – Birthmark
Octurn – Song 10 – Songbook of Changes
Lina Allemano’s Titanium Riot – Squish It – Squish It
Steve Plews Trio – The Importance Of What Is Not – The Importance Of What Is Not
Martin Archer, Graham Clark, Stephen Grew, Johnny Hunter – Wanda’s Alfalfa – Felicity’s Ultimatum
Fire! – Up and Down – The Hands
Living Things – Lines for Wolves – Upwind Circles
Dave Pike – Ballad – The Doors of Perception
Autochthon – Kurz – A
Velkro – Circle Haze – Too Lazy To Panic
Tim Berne – Huevos – Science Friction

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