World of Jazz 264


Motif – Lontano Sea – My Head Is Listening
Fillipo Vignato – Harvesting Minds – Harvesting Minds
Nate Wooley – In Chine One Moonless Night – Legacy of Ashes
Oded Tzur – Single Mother – Translators Note
Noah Haidu – The Subversive – Infinite Distances
Greg Cordez – Cherry vs Des Moines – Last Things Last
Makaya McCraven – Above & Beyond – Highly Rare
Gianluca Petrella Tubolibre – The Forgotten Island – Slaves
John Chantler, Steve Noble, Seymour Wright – Above 1 – Front and Above
Jacob Garchik – One Five – 40twenty
Jason Moran, Mary Halvorson, Ron Miles – Gangsterism In The Wind – Bangs
John Wall, Mark Sanders, John Edwards – [ G ] – FGBH
Azimuth – Eulogy – The Touchstone
Martin Küchen – Purcell In The Eternal Deir Yassin – Lieber Heiland, Laß Uns Sterben
Joe Maneri – Lift – In Full Cry
Motif – The Guns of Amarone, Episode 1, 2 – My Head Is Listening

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