Sonic Attack 243

Due to other pressures this will be the last Sonic Attack podcast.

Elements of this show will be included in forthcoming issues of the Aural Delights show which will continue and from 11th January will be broadcast on Analogue Trash Radio

Thanks for your support…..


  1. Zolfo – Floaters – Marijuanaut Vol. IV
  2. Drift Into Black – Born Without Eyes – Shadow People
  3. Deadsmoke – Endless Cave – Marijuanaut Vol. IV
  4. Bolt Gun – Man Is Wolf To Man Part 1 (excerpt) – Art As Catharsis 2017 Sampler
  5. Last Minute to Jaffna – Cold Ground of Changing – Marijuanaut Vol. IV
  6. Siberian Hell Sounds – The Breath Of The Beast (excerpt) – Art As Catharsis 2017 Sampler
  7. Otehi – Naked God – Marijuanaut Vol. IV

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