World of Jazz 260


  1. David Murray & The Gwo-Ka Masters feat. Pharoah Sanders – Go To Jazz – Gwotet
  2. Ron Miles, Bill Frisell & Brian Blade – Jive Five – Circuit Rider
  3. Henry Franklin – The Magic Boy – The Skipper at Home
  4. Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath – Thunder In The Mountains – Countty Cooking
  5. Arthur Blythe – Ruby, My Dear – Basic Blythe
  6. Chico Freeman and Arthur Blythe – Footprints – Luminous
  7. Trevor Watts & Stephen Grew – Contours – All There Is
  8. Ada Rave Trio – The Journey of the Little Being – The Sea, The Storm And The Full Moon
  9. Andy Emler, Marc Ducret, Claude Tchamitchian, Eric Echampard – Running Backwards – Running Backwards
  10. João Lencastre Communion 3 – Crossed Paths – Movements In Freedom
  11. Paula Shocron, William Parker, Pablo Díaz – Independence Day – Emptying The Self
  12. Burning Ghosts –  The War Machine – Reclamation
  13. Toxic : Mat Walerian, Matthew Shipp, William Parker – This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People – This Is Beautiful Because We Are Beautiful People
  14. Chico Freeman – Luna – The Outside Within

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