Hate Filled World

From from Connecticut and Massachusetts, Slow Death  features Randy Larsen, former bassist and singer for seminal noise rockers Cable and Empty Flowers, drummer Matt Spearin of Disapperer, guitarist Jeremy Medeiros, and bassist Jesse Sherman.

In August of 2016, the band entered Dead Air Studios with Will Killingsworth (Vaccine, Orchid, Laceration, Ampere, Bucket Full Of Teeth) to lay down their first record which was recorded and mixed in just two days. Just as quickly as the record was finished Corpse Flower Records agreed a release as a one-sided 12″ with a screen-printed B-side created by renowned illustrator Mark Rudolph (Carcass, Coalesce, Battlecross etc.).

With eight songs, clocking in at around eighteen minutes  the mix of old punk and hardcore blended with some early AmRep style noise rock is likely to attract heavy music fans young and old. Lyrically, the band centers its attention on old horror movies and serial killers, mixed with a sentiment of depression and frustration.

Available now via Corpse Flower Records digitally and on limited vinyl in three color variants (clear, translucent red and clear with red splatter). The vinyl comes swathed in a 3D cover and comes with 3D glasses.

To be featured on Sonic Attack 215

Excellent stuff, full of energy and intent, a highly enjoyable bridge between metal and hardcore punk. Not a big fan of the cover mind you!


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