Impassable Fears

Imploding, abstracting and distorting the concepts of ceremony, volume and density since 2006,  Gravetemple return with a new album, Impassable Fears, recorded at Orgone with Jamie Gomez.

On Impassable Fears, Gravetemple have refined and diversified their nuanced form of all-consuming, abstract death metal inspired heaviness. The essence of their other-worldly vocal exhortations, the maelstrom of frenetic beats and heavy guitar sounds are ever-present, as is the sheer power of their delivery. Yet Impassable Fears is far from unrelenting, there’s shifting dynamics, revealing an abundance of unexplored sonic detail.

Vocalist Attila, who hails from Budapest, expands on these intentions:
“The aim is to break boundaries and to find new horizons via the challenging of our own concepts of existence via the channels of musical trance. To me it is like a contemporary way of Shamanism. The Shaman in our ancient Hungarian tradition is a person who can see both the material and spiritual worlds and himself or herself is the bridge or the channel between. The connection to our deepest inner self is very primal and in a way sometimes infantile. We humans have encoded instinct to survive which ends up in the “Impassable fear” of Death. We challenge that primal fear by expecting whatever comes in our way on our musical journey. It’s about accepting whatever that each moment brings… Gravetemple is very special because here we are seeking trance while playing and recording music together. Almost like a spiritual experience.”

Impassable Fears, is released on Svart, on 2nd June.

This is not for the faint hearted – it is an unrelenting barrage of scorching noise, sometimes in the form of heavy rock/metal, sometimes as pure industrial, juxtaposed with ethereal ambient passages, and repetitive experimental sections. Vocals range between tortured howling, distant almost monastic intonations, and whispered menacing tones. It is a cathartic experience, like a Sunn 0))) album with extra hot sauce.

The album will be featured on Sonic Attack 213


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