New York solo outfit GRIDFAILURE returns with Scathed, which will see free digital download and handmade CDR through Minneapolis-based Darker Days Ahead on June 2nd.

While many recent and forthcoming GRIDFAILURE titles bring together collaborations and contributions from a wide range of like minded noise-niks, Scathed is a solo effort.   as creator David Brenner delivers ten unpredictable pieces. Layered with  guitars and bass, percussion,   keys/synth, theremin, didgeridoo, xylophone, harmonica, and more, the songs are a mix of ambient exploration and full on noise coupled with fevered vocal howling. With fifty-three minutes of material performed, recorded, and mixed by Brenner, whose photos/layout complete the record, Scathed delivers an aural adventure not for the faint-hearted.

GRIDFAILURE released the Hostile Alchemy record at the end of March, and Dendritic, a collaborative album with Megalophobe, at the end of April. The outfit continues to finalize the Teeth Collection and Drought Stick albums, more collaborations with Megalophobe, and much more for release.  .

Darker Days Ahead also recently issued the diverse Death Season Six compilation which features GRIDFAILURE’s “Shallow Epicenter,” as well as contributions from Never Presence Forever, Megalophobe, Cory Schumacher, Dusthallowed, Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead, and many others. Download the album for free and buy the limited CD HERE.

The album will be featured on Sonic Attack 212.

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