Magnetic Anomaly

Over the album’s forty-odd minutes, Cobra Family Picnic create a fuzzy, blissed-out haze that touches on an entire encyclopaedia of underground psychedelic: the trance-inducing keys of Suicide, the post-Velvets go-go freakout of Les Rallizes Denudes, the smoky snake-song of early Doors, the pulsating locked grooves of Neu. You get eight mind-fried cuts of cyclical  psychedelic minimalist jams, and when the NASA radio transmissions beam in across the grooves and Randall Demsey’s echo-drenched vocals rend the darkness, you can start to feel your brain being teleported to the outer reaches of the universe (man!) .

Magnetic Anomaly is a Cardinal Fuzz and Sky Lantern record co-production, released on both limited blue/lilac recycled color vinyl and standard black vinyl, as well as in limited single-runs of Sam Giles vinyl-replica CDs and hand-numbered cassette. Members of the band ninclude names from a host of other local Tucson psych ensembles, such as The Desert Beats, The Night Collectors, and Wight Lhite.

The Vinyl version includes an additional track with the download ticket.

High quality trippy psych in the same sonic space as Sun Araw and Moon Duo.

The album will be featured on Aural Delights 235.

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