Oranssi Pazuzu’s re-release for April 2017 is a four track which is a vinyl reissue of material from the 2010 split album with Candy Cane, it is also released digitally.
Clocking in at just under 27 minutes it is an epic noise fest albeit a very bleak and cold one. They have been described as psychedelic black metal but this feels like hordes of Finns galloping across strife torn lands while howling at the gods. Vocals are buried in reverb and become more extreme and abstract because of that. Musically it certainly challenges some of the tropes of the sub-genre and delivers its message via excellent riff repetition and excess. Occasionally what feel like alien in this context (but are quite normal elsewhere) keyboard sounds creep into the mix resulting in a puzzling juxtaposition of sounds.

The EP will be featured on Sonic Attack 210


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