Send Me A Lullaby

The proper debut album. It was released in November 1981 in Australia on Missing Link as an eight-track mini-album. It was subsequently released in the UK on Rough Trade Records,in February 1982, as a 12-track album.

In 2002, Circus Records released an expanded CD which included a second disc of twelve bonus tracks of songs recorded around the same time as the album together with a video for  “Your Turn, My Turn”. The bulk of the writing on the expanded version is by Forster, he contributes 16 of the 24 tracks. The final track is the studio based experiment with members of the Birthday Party called “After the Fireworks” which was originally released under the pseudonym the  Tuff Monks.

The album gives a few clues as to what was to follow, however it is sparse and unforgiving in places with Morrisons drums being a key driver , but there are the seeds of the bands future development in key places. Neither Forster or McLennan rated it that highly but I feel it has a lot going for it and perhaps reflects the year it was recorded with nods towards Talking Heads and Television, and to some degree the new Scottish sound especially Orange Juice, reflecting the time spent with Postcard in 1980.




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