World of Jazz 220


  1. Piero Umiliani feat. Chet Baker – Alone In A Crowd – Chet Baker Italian Movies
  2. Thelonious Monk – Black and Tan Fantasy – Thelonious Monk Plays Duke Ellington
  3. Noah Preminger – Only A Pawn In Their Game – Meditations on Freedom
  4. Sun Ra – Interstellar Low Ways – Cosmos
  5. John Coltrane Quartet – Brazilia – The John Coltrane Quartet Plays
  6. Stephan Crump, Ingrid Laubrock, Cory Smythe – Tones for Climbing Plants – Planktonic Finales
  7. Charles Mingus – Duke Ellington’s Sound Of Love – Changes One
  8. The Miles Davis Quintet – Trane’s Blues – Workin’ with The Miles Davis Quintet
  9. Lee Morgan – Mr. Kenyatta – Search For The New Land

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