Full Of Hell share “Deluminate” from Trumpeting Ecstasy

Punishing, virulent, and dynamic beyond expectation, Trumpeting Ecstasy is the new album from Full Of Hell, upcoming via Profound Lore 5th May, as pre-orders go live, the band share the first insight into the album, via the new track ‘Deluminate’. Clocking in just under one minute ‘Deluminate’ is a short sharp blast of rage, showcasing Full Of Hell’s animated, frenetic and unrelenting death metal fury, its over in a flash but, as with much of their music, the atmosphere it conjures and the vocal eruption lingers long after Dylan’s final roar…


 The embryonic beginnings of Full of Hell displayed their palette at its most primitive; intense d-beat blasts punctuating their hardcore punk core, with moments of noise and caustic rhythm. Within a few short years, they have bloomed into a true force to be reckoned with, particularly within the punk and metal communities.  Since the release of their Profound Lore Records debut album Full Of Hell & Merzbow late 2014, their third full-length album, the band have truly come into their own, further expanding their repertoire and discography, collaborating on an album with The Body (Neurot Recordings) and releasing several EPs, including their most-recent split 7”EP with Nails (which debuts #2 on the Billboard Top 100 Singles Chart). Their sound evolving further into a frenetic combination of grindcore, death/black metal, punk and hardcore with distinct elements of power electronics and industrial pounding.
 Trumpeting Ecstasy was recorded at God City Studios with Kurt Ballou (who also appears on the record). The aural deluge also features guest appearances by Aaron Turner (Sumac/Old Man Gloom/Mamiffer/Isis), Nate Newton (Converge/Old Man Gloom), Andrew Nolan (Column Of Heaven/The Endless Blockade), Lee Buford (The Body) and Canadian singer/songwriter Nicole Dollanganger.
As previously announced UK Tour Dates are
14.07. London – Kamio
15.07. Leeds – Temple Of Boom
16.07. Glasgow – Audio
17.07. Manchester – Soup Kitchen
18.07. Bristol – Exchange

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