What’s It Mean?

Malignant Records have announced the release of Your Limit, the debut by Japanese noise/metal outfit, Oozepus.

A collaborative project between members of death metal/doom legends Coffins and industrial, junk metalist, Linekraft, Oozepus is a three-piece, noise rock/post-industrial band who are very reminiscent of early-era Godflesh and Swans.The first official release from the band is  a four-track EP is characterised by  battering repetition, simple riffs, squawling heavily fuzzed guitar, submarine bass lines, heavily processed vocals, and insistent percussion, which would not feel out of place in a steel foundary.


This release is not necessarily what diehard followers of Malignant Records are used to, however it is likely to find appeal to those with an appreciation of industrial music  and to those who dabble in the more extreme ends of the music world. The EP will also bring new new listeners to the label’s massive catalogue of dark and exploratory extreme music.

Your Limit will see release on CD and digital platforms on February 24th and a track will be featured on Sonic Attack Podcast 197 on the 13th of that month.

Ohkubo – bass, vocals
Uchino – guitar, vocals
Satoshi – drums




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